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Every client is unique, every situation is different. Clients turn to Augurs Technologies for lots of reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust !!

Customized Plugin & Module Development for CMS

CMS Customization


Content Management System (CMS) is the most important component of website development. You need good technology to access the content stored in your portal. At AUGURS, we offer high-end content management solutions. By appropriately formatting the content and organizing and structuring the information we ensure that visitors to the website can access the content without any hassle.

We offer customized content management solutions that help our clients to easily manage their websites.

At AUGURS, we offer high-end content management solutions. By appropriately formatting the content and organizing and structuring the information we ensure that visitors to the website can access the content without any hassle.

Our Content Management Development Services include:


Drupal is a highly functional and flexible open source CMS. It is suitable for all types of websites including corporate portals, personal blogging websites and government websites. At Ayushvedainformatics, our experienced IT professionals offer exceptional Drupal-based content management solutions for websites, regardless of size.

Our Drupal Development Services:

Drupal Customization: Our highly skilled website designers and developers work on all relevant computing platforms to provide a customized Drupal CMS.

Custom Built Drupal Templates and Themes: At AUGURS, we develop unique Drupal websites. According to our clients’ specifications, we customize existing Drupal templates and themes or develop absolutely new themes to meet the specific requirements of a portal.

Module Installation: Modules work just like plugins. By adding different functions to the site, they increase the functionality of a Drupal website. At AUGURS, we undertake all types of module installation jobs. Apart from installing appropriate modules in the server we can modify them to improve their functionality. Our PHP experts work on the latest Drupal versions (Drupal 6 and 7) to produce outstanding Drupal sites.

Drupal SEO: By installing effective SEO modules in the Drupal sites we make sure that the Drupal websites developed by us enjoy a high search engine result page ranking. The SEO modules we usually integrate in the Drupal sites include Path, Pathauto, Page Title, Nodewords, Global Redirect, Path Redirect, XML Sitemap and many more.

Drupal Custom Module Development: We can extend Drupal sites with custom modules. In addition to enhancing and upgrading existing modules, we can develop unique modules, just for your website.

Drupal Third Party Integration: Our Drupal website developers can easily integrate Drupal with other applications, websites, accounting programs, email marketing systems and SQL and XML databases.


Joomla is an immensely popular open source CMS. Our designers and developers trained in PHP programming can create outstanding Joomla sites with a range of features such as page caching, search, blogs, news flashes, RSS feed and more.

Our Joomla Development Services:

Creation of custom Joomla themes and templates: With custom built Joomla templates and themes we can create a wide range of websites including corporate portals, ecommerce sites, blogging portals and E-Magazines.

Joomla component development, installation and integration: Apart from the core Joomla components, such as CMS, web links and contact forms, your Joomla site will require additional components to enhance its functionality further. At AUGURS, our PHP experts can customize the core components and develop additional components that are best suited for a site.

Joomla Community Builder Customization and Integration: We offer the best social networking solution for your Joomla site with the highly rated Community Builder software.

Joomla Module Upgradation and Installation: To improve the flexibility of the CMS, we install and upgrade appropriate modules to your Joomla site.

Upgradation and Installation of Joomla Sites: To help our clients realize the benefits of the latest version of Joomla, we help in installation and upgradation of the existing Joomla sites.

Third Party Integration: We also offer Joomla third party integration service, integrating Joomla with other applications and websites.


WordPress is currently the most popular content management solution used by millions of websites worldwide. At AUGURS, we develop outstanding WordPress websites for our clients. From the simple to the complex, our website designers and developers can create all types of WordPress themes, templates and plugins. Moreover, we ensure that the WordPress site created by us is highly flexible so that our clients can manage the CMS easily.

Our WordPress Development Services:

Integration of WordPress Blog into Existing Site: For improved blogging experience we can integrate the open source WordPress blogging tool into your existing website.

Converting Static Site into WordPress CMS: We can develop a feature rich dynamic content management solution by transporting your website from the existing CMS into the WordPress platform.

Custom Built WordPress Themes: Our experienced designers and developers skilled in PHP, .NET, CSS. HTML, JAVA and other programming languages can give you unique custom built WordPress websites.

PSD to WordPress Conversion: Our experienced WordPress designers and developers can integrate images stored in your non-WordPress website into the WordPress platform.

WordPress Plugin Customization and Development: A variety of plugins are needed for running a WordPress website efficiently. Our programmers apart from customizing available plugins can also develop new plugins aptly suited for your site.

Full Installation of core WordPress Software and Plugins: We offer full WordPress installation service to make sure that your website works properly without any hassle.