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Every client is unique, every situation is different. Clients turn to Augurs Technologies for lots of reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust !!

Social Media Marketing



Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media has successfully created a crucial position in each individual’s life and understanding it for your business promotion has become a necessity. AUGURS’s expert team understands the importance of social media in business and is committed towards promoting your business in an effective manner. Our team initiates any campaign by analyzing the measures adopted by competitors and thus always come up with smart plan to establish our client’s brand in top social media websites. Whether you are starting to promote your business online or you have a set up that is need to be driven efficiently, our optimal solutions assures your social media presence match pace with your business requirements.

Why Augurs?

  • Experienced team to understand business requirements.
  • Deep domain knowledge to evolve unique solutions.
  • Unique skill set and rock solid capabilities.
  • 24/7 support .

Our Services: –

  • Performance Based SEM.
  • Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Marketing Campaigns across different social media platforms.
  • Customized solutions for particular requirement.


Social Media is not just marketing platform but it has transformed the way people communicate, interact and share. The new trend is not limited to posting a blog post in a day and relaxes, but the competitive scenario requires giving your brand a new approach and making it interactive. Our organized plan and effective execution will assist progress across different channels in order to create an integrated online marketing effort for your business.


Everyone is trying to accelerate his or her online traffic but the question is how well and how differently you do that. We build a content marketing engine for delivering your marketing messages, videos, press releases, photos, and articles to different websites. Gradually these unique prospects gains trust and become familiar with your brand name that indirectly generate traffic to your brand.

If you are looking to drive your business through a unique social media marketing solution, AUGURS team is up for catering your business needs in a unique manner that is helpful in taking the leading edge in the market. Kindly contact us for further assistance.