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Every client is unique, every situation is different. Clients turn to Augurs Technologies for lots of reasons. But, in most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust !!

Advanced Web Programming

Customised Solutions


We are an experienced team with expert web programmers and we worked for different industry verticals for customized solution to their requirements. Our team has worked over complex ecommerce applications, advanced booking application, inventory management, CRM applications, Travel Portals and many other complex applications.
For Advanced and customized web applications we generally use a popular and standard programming framework of php, like cakePHP, codeignitor, Laravel etc, which make sure that the application code is robust and secure and also extendable for future extension of the application.

We at AUGURS focus on the practicality of application development and are transparent about the policies on how to create web applications and dynamic content. The team is very well equipped with the following skills which include understanding the concepts of development, expansions, and expression of business logics, building up dynamic interfaces which are in sync with the content of the site, insertion, and modification of data, and understanding the basics of web application development.

We have developed the softwares which include more objects like GITHUB (version control), Ruby, Heroku, Apache Server and Linux etc. We offer developmental services which are customized and specialized. The team we work with is quite efficient and has also worked with plenty of e-commerce applications and various other management businesses.

If we talk about PHP development then nowadays it is referred to as Hypertext Preprocessor now. It has also given a tough competition to JavaScript over the time which was the basic language for web programming. Also, PHP is an interactive and reflective language for programming. This has ensured us to gain effective users through some lively and communicative designs while effectively converting HTML pages into templates.

For our business, we are looking forward to maintaining our profit margins in this cut throat competitive world by either increasing the revenue or decreasing costs. We even look forward towards using .net development for better business efficiency. It is one of the best platforms for developing applications. This is a smart solution to all the problems right from high processing costs, lack of efficiency and ability to make relevant changes to time-consuming detailing. But for now, we have .net development which solves all our problems.

We at AUGURS not only aim at delivering good services but exceptional services. We have an efficient team of workers which works constantly towards building revolutionary tools and perfecting the operational services. We take into account all the current and latest trends in the market while developing efficient IT solutions for our users. We develop and examine the gaps while performing few tests to complete the inspection for user satisfaction. This actively indulges the users and checks their compatibility with the new solutions. This is how we develop Custom Softwares.