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POS - Restaurant

Product Description

AUGURS POS is hallmarked for its flexibility, offering one solution which can be configured and expanded to meet the varying need of different type of food services. We have learned from our past experiences that with many type of extablishments over the years, business evolves and what you need today may not be needed in next year or five years later.

This is where we stand different, the flexibility of making changes as per the requirement and business change.


POS - Restro is comprehensive and easy to use desktop/Web application. The main function of POS - Restro is to Automate the sales process and to keep a detailed history of all transaction:


  1. Software Configuration/Customization
  2. Product Category Management
  3. Product Management
  4. System User Management


  1. Item Category Management
  2. Stock In (Purchase)
  3. Stock Out (Consumption)
  4. Highlights of Minimum Level


  1. Shiftwise Cash In & Cash Out
  2. POS (with Bar Code)
  3. Sales Tracking

Reports (MIS)

  1. Sales Report
  2. Product Report
  3. Product Ranking report
  4. System User report

Billing Mode:

  1. Dine In
  2. Take Away
  3. Delivery

Regular License License

One year Technical Support

After sales support

Flexible for changes requested

Table Service, Delivery & Take Out  and Institutional Modules

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05 June 2014
Last Update
01 June 2016
Compatible Browsers
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari
Technology Used
ASP.NET, C#, Backend – SQL Server 2008 R2
Software Version
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